Technical Program Management

Our program management team provides leadership both from a managerial and technical standpoint from having hands-on experience with the latest technologies.

Modern Computing

Our team leverages today's enhanced processing power to minimize operating cost and increase efficiency throughout your enterprise.

Cyber Security

Our team implements stringent security controls to enhance the security posture of your system. We adhere to DIACAP, FISMA and NSA guidelines.

DoD Information Assurance

Facilitating the streamlined completion of the certification & accreditation process from the ground up to include DIACAP and RMF technical implementation, testing, auditing and documentation generation. Fluent with the use of vulnerability, document and artifact repositories such as eMass, the IA Portal and the Trend Analysis Database.
Implementing threat and vulnerability management programs to analyze and mitigate current, imminent, and potential risk. Fluent with the use of automated scanning software such as AppDetective, Fortify, SCAP and WebInspect. Leveraging DoD Security Technical Implementation Guides along with the use of automated software to maintain a hardened security posture in accordance with DoD policies.
Providing current and concise security posture visibility to facilitate the awareness of previously uncovered and potential risks, threats and vulnerabilities. Implementing continuous monitoring procedures suggested for DoD information systems by DIACAP, FedRAMP and RMF.

System Integration Services


Developing custom scripts and code to seamlessly automate daily tasks in your production environment.

Single Sign-On Solution

Providing unified access and the ability to support all your user and computer objects from one single domain.

Data Solutions

Designing data solutions to enhance the performance, increase security and reduce the amount of consumption.


Implementing automated management software to patch, upgrade and standardize your production system.

Windows Enterprise Services

Installing, configuring and customizing Windows based implementations to meet your system requirements.

Red Hat Enterprise Services

Customizing and tailoring a Red Hat solution to power your application with greater efficiency and reliability.

Engineering Services

from start to finish

Our engineering services include implementing solutions from the beginning during the design phase to the very end where our solutions have become a reality.

  • Cloud Computing Migration
  • Virtualization
  • Server Consolidation
  • Infrastructure Design
  • SDLC
  • Data Analytics
  • Performance Analytics
  • Data De-duplication
  • STIG Compliance
  • Agile Development