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Quality Program Management

Providing technical and managerial oversight to improve the availability, reliability and scalability of all information systems.

System Integration

Architecting and deploying software solutions to support high availability across all major platforms.

System Development

Supporting software development to provide improved functionality and greater stability to the end user community.

Virtual & Cloud Solutions

Developing computing models using latest hypervisor technology to maximize resource utilization and improve dynamic scalability.

Thinking about server consolidation & virtualization to save money?

Kreative can plan out the entire migration strategy

Performance Analysis

When moving to a virtual infrastructure, the question of server sizing is always a concern. In order to determine the right resources to allocate, the proper metrics need to be analyzed; oversizing is not the best approach.

Migration Strategy

Migration strategies not only consists of migrating software, configurations and data to a virtual server, it needs to be of one which takes advantage of latest software technologies, analyzes leading hypervisor platforms and establishes the most cost effective solution.


Security is always the primary concern, especially in a cloud-computing environment. Ensuring the security posture of the system includes enforcing network separation, disk zoning, and maintaining resource allocation pools. Our security practices incorporate adhering to DIACAP, FISMA and NSA guidelines.

Custom Monitoring

A comprehensive monitoring solution needs to be incorporated to ensure the health of the application. The solution should not be limited to monitoring the end-points alone; rather, the monitoring solution should incorporate performance metrics from a network, storage, platform and application standpoint to understand the true state of your system.

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